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About us

Company GSP - High Tech Saws, s.r.o., resident in Zborovice , is the traditional cutting tools producer. Beginnings of the manufacture date back to year 1948 when company Pilana established here its branch plant that has produced metal cutting circular saw blades from the very beginning.

The produced tools were during the years delivered with the brand PILANA (until 1992), later SCHULER PILANA (until 1999), and are known as brand GSP High Tech Saws now.

With the logo change corresponds also the change of our strategy towards our clients. Company GSP ? High Tech Saws turns from a mass supplier of standard tools to a supplier who produces specialized tools according to the demands of the market and of the end user; also in small quantities. 

General business and delivery conditions

We believe that you as our client will benefit from our company mission of non-standard tools production. We are looking forward to our cooperation.

The product range consists of:

  • CUT OFF high speed steel blades from
    Dmo5 , HSS Co5%, HM
  • TiN, TiCN, TiAlN surface modification of HSS circular saws, repairing and grinding
  • Rotary knives for cutting rubber, leather, paper, isolation materials and plastics, cutting thin walled tubes, hoses, but also non-ferrous metals and steel
  • TCT circular saws and cermet tipped saws
  • Cermet tipped saws "Throw away"
  • Hot and friction saw blades for metal cutting
  • Circular saws (machines)

Our strengths include the ability to flexibly respond to customer needs. Expert assistance in selecting a suitable cutting tool or custom manufacture instruments according to the individual needs of our customers is commonplace.

If you have problems during operation, we will help you find a suitable solution. You can also use the page tool consulting.

More detailed information about our product lines and products can be found in the text on the front page of slitting saws GSP Zborovice.

We believe that you will be with our products and satisfactory services and that our products will keep them coming back!

The above-mentioned examples of milling cutters are only a small overview of our production posibilities. We are ready to produce also different tools according to your documentation like prismatic cutters, gear milling cutters, profile cutters, shell end mills cutters, side and face milling cutters, halfcircle milling cutters convex, half circle milling cutters concave, corner rounding milling cutters, single angle milling cutters, double angle milling cutters , HSS Side Chip Clearance Saws straight teeth, M2 Side Chip Clearance Saws staggered tooth, HSS Side and Face Cutters straight teeth, HSS Side and Face Cutters staggered teeth.

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Czech Republic
Hlavní 438, Zborovice, 768 32

Phone: +420 573 369 286


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