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Slitting Saw, HSS Circular Saw Blade - EU manufacturer

GSP - High Tech Saws, s.r.o., resident in Zborovice, is a traditional cutting tools (slitting saw) producer. The beginnings of the manufacture date back to the year 1948 when the Pilana company established its branch there and started producing metal cutting circular saw blades from the very beginning. All produced tools were delivered under the name PILANA until 1992, SCHULER PILANA until 1999 and are now known as GSP- High Tech Saws.

The logo change reflects our change of customer service strategy. We have evolved from a mass supplier of standard tools to the supply of specialized saw blades and knives (in small quantities) in accordance with market needs. We believe that you as our client will benefit from our company mission of non-standard industrial knives and milling cutters production. The continous investing in new and advanced production processes, closely controlled by sound technical and commercial management expertise has brought GSP - High Tech Saws, s.r.o. to the forefront in the manufacture and sale of HSS slitting saw blades and circular knives . GSP - High Tech Saws, s.r.o. is the only producer of HSS metal cutting sawblades in the Czech Republic.

The main product range consists of:

  • CUT OFF high speed steel saw blades
    Dmo5 , HSS Co5%, HM
  • Slitting saw s, pipe cutting saw blades
    TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, repair of saw blades, straightening and sharpening
  • Rotary knives, paper slitting knives; HSS paper cutting knife
    different materials: industrial knives for rubber, paper industrial knives, industrial blades for non-ferrous metals, industrial knives for food
  • TCT circular saws and cermet tipped saws
    SK hacksaw, wood saw SK, SK saws for plastics and SK saws for non-metallic materials
  • Cermet tipped saws "Throw away"
    Saw blades for high-production cutting of steel
  • Hot and friction saw blades for metal cutting
    including spare segments, sharpening and restoration
  • Angle milling cutters, bodies for CBN wheels

Our strengths include the ability to flexibly respond to customer needs. Expert assistance in selecting a suitable cutting tool or custom manufacture instruments according to the individual needs of our customers is commonplace. If you have problems during operation, we will help you find a suitable solution.

Video products presentation

DIN Slitting Saw (HSS-DMo5/HSS-Co5%)

Slitting saws in both high speed and super high speed steels suitable for cutting-off, milling, and grooving steels and alloys on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. The slitting saw blade range is ø 20 mm - ø 315 mm with thicknesses ranging 0,2 mm - 6 mm in variable increments with tooth forms: A - B - BW. All standard saws are available in HP-GRIND execution but are readily available in VAPO or P.V.D. (Physical Vapour Deposition) coated execution.

Precision screw-slitting saws (slitting saw)  - tooth form "A"

Circular slitting saws in both high speed and super high speed steel suitable for slitting screws in all types of steels and alloys. The saw blades are all flat ground (without hub) and the entire range is executed with tooth form "A". The saw blade range is ø 80 mm, ø 100 mm and ø 125 mm. Blade thicknesses range from 0,7 mm - 2 mm in decimal increments.

Precision saws for jewelry (slitting saw) - tooth form "A"

Circular saws in both high speed and super high speed steel suitable for goldsmith's cutting and machining purposes. The saw blades are all hollow ground (with hub) and the entire range is executed with tooth pitches finer than 1 millimetre.

Precision saws for tube-cutters (slitting saw) - tooth form "Bw"

Circular saws in both high speed and super high steel suitable for cutting tubes sized ø 10 mm - ø 325 mm, with wall thickness ranging 2 mm - 10 mm, in both standard steels and high alloy steels (stainless). The saw blade range is ø 63 mm, ø 68 mm and ø 75 mm. Blade thicknesses are 1,2 mm, 1,6 mm and 2,0 mm and the tooth form is "Bw".

CUT OFF High Speed Steel slitting Saws from HSS/Dmo5 and HSS/Emo5

Company GSP- High Tech saws s.r.o. produces HSS circular saw blades in diameters varying up to 720 mm in various designs. The tooth forms most used are HZ, BW, B, AW, A, VP and 'Chipbreaker' . Production is based on DIN standards 1836, 1837, 1838 and 1840, extended by the refined company GSP manufacturing standards. The delivery program consists of a range of standard sawblades which can be delivered from stock and a range of special sawblades to be produced to customer specifications. The HSS sawblades are supplied as standard in high speed steel grade M2 = DIN 1.3343, but can also be delivered in cobalt-alloyed steel grades, such as M35 = DIN 1.3243 and S390 Powder Metallurgy Steel. These blades are specifically suited for use in manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic sawing operations. All blades are hardened to 64/65 RC, triple tempered and press quenched. This manufacturing method produces the flattest and straightest saw blade in the world today. The HSS slitting sawblades can be supplied in among other things bright, steam-treated, flash-chrome, titanium nitride, titanium aluminium nitride, titanium carbon nitride or chrome nitride coated design. HSS-DMo5

Circular slitting saws in M2 high speed steel (5% molybdenum content) suitable for cutting-off steels and alloys with hardness between 500 N/mm² and 800 N/mm². The slitting saw blades are used on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic sawing machines to cut tubes and pipes, open sections and solid sections up to 200 mm. Our range goes up to Ø 720 mm, with thicknesses to a maximum of 6 mm by variable increments, with tooth forms A - AW - B - BW - C - BR (chip breaker). The standard execution of the whole range is HP-GRIND; we also supply CO² steam treated blades and PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coated ones. HSS-Co5%

HSS circular saws in super high speed steel (5% cobalt content) suitable for cutting-off steels and alloys with hardness above 800 N/mm². The saw blades are used on semi-automatic and fully automatic sawing machines to cut tubes and pipes, open sections and solid sections up to 200 mm.

Hot and Friction Saw Blades for Metal Cutting - GSP Zborovice

Hot and Friction Saw Blades up to 2500 mm diameter are tools of high efficiency made from well proven steel plates with a tensile strenght of 850 bis 950 N/mm2. Friction saw blades are used for cutting of steel tubes and profiles by low working temperature, it means by material temperature up to 250°C. They are made from chrom-vanadium steel marked (DIN 1.2235) and they are heat-treated to reach the optimum ratio of tenacity and hardness, which is suitable for cutting of material with high circumferential cutting speed. The cutting principal consists in melting of material in cut place caused by special kind of teeth. GSP - High Tech Saws, s.r.o. can manufacture these tools with taper of hollow ground. Choice of flange diameter, number of teeth, central bore diameter, thickness, driving holes number and diameter is possible. Hot and friction slitting saw blades are used for cutting slabs - square billets - plates - tubes ? profiles. Hot saw blades are used to cut metals with a temperature in excess of 850°C. When sawing metals below a temperature of 250°C, friction saw blades are used. Both sawing methods are a friction cutting. The friction heat in the cutting gap ae produces temperatures which bring the material in a soft, almost plastic condition. In order to clear debris from the tooth gullet a copiuos or heavy flow of coolant (preferably under high pressure) is essential for efficient cutting . The required cutting speed is Vc=100-140 m/sec. Depending on the material to be cut the feed reached is Vf=80-2000 mm/min. The tooth geometry and tooth pitch are determined by the section and quality (analysis) of the material to be cut and the sawing machine. Heat treatment of the saw blades of 1200-1250 N/mm² (up to 1000 mm diameter) or hardening of the teeth up to Rockwell C 58 (up to 2500 diameter) gives an increase in both blade life and in number of cuts between resharpening.

HSS circular knives

In the product range of GSP - High Tech Saws, s.r.o. company there are also high-efficient cutting tools manufactured on request which are generally known as circular knives. In detail, our range includes:

  • Pelletiser knives
  • Circular knives and bottom knives for edge trimming
  • Foil cutting knives (smooth or toothed)
  • Cut-off knives
  • Puncher
  • Perforating knives
  • Nonwoven material separating knives
  • Bag cutting knives
  • Crush cutters Transverse cutting blades for cake (e.g. for   trimming the ends of Swiss rolls)
  • Punching knives (e.g. for dividing cakes into   portions of 1/6th or 1/12th etc.)
  • Sweet knives
  • Cutting knives for vegetable processing
  • Bread roll knives
  • Scraping knives for filleting fish
  • Fish skinning knives

For metal working industrie we produce knives and saws: Guillotine Shear Blades for Hot & Cold Working. Hot Crop & Scrap Shear Blades, Billet & Bloom Shear Blades Flying Shear Blades. Bar Shear Blades, Scrap Chopper Blades. Slitting saw. Crop Shear Blades for Angles, Squares & other sections, Rotary Shear Blades for Hot & Cold Working HR & CR Slitting Cutters. Hot Saws, Flying Saws, Friction Saws HSS Segmental Saws, TCT Saws etc Slitting Spacers, Over-arm Spacers & Separators. Chipper Knives of all types. Paper cutting knives,Flaker Knives,Paper Trimming knives,Paper Slitting saws and Knives, Paper Slitting & Rewinding Knives Simplex/Duplex Sheet Cutter Knives Top & Bottom Slitter Knives Complete Knife Assemblies Iron & Steel Guillotine & Trimmer Knives. High Speed Steel Inlaid Guillotine & Trimmer Knives. High Grained TCT inlaid Guillotine & Trimmer Knives. Pneumatic Individual Knife Holders Crush Cut Knife Holders, Shear Cut Knife Holders. Spring loaded Knife Holders & Holder Assemblies. Rag Cutter Knives, Straw Cutter Knives. Refiner Bars, Beater Bars. Tissue Log Saw Blades. Core Cutting Saws. Doctor knives. Slitting saws.

For woodworking industry we can offer: Veneer Peeling Knives in all sizes Veneer Slicer Knives , Jointer Knives, Clipper Knives, Solid Carbide Saws Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) D.D, Rip, Scoring, and Beam Circular Saw Blades. Chopping Knives, Chipper Knives, Flaker Knives.

Segmental saw blades

The segmental circular sawblades consist of a CrV steel disc on to which hardened toothed segments are mounted and secured by rivets. This principle makes it possible to repair a segmental sawblade after tooth or segment breakage by simple replacing one or more segments. Our current capacity range for segmental slitting saw blades is 10" diameter thru 120" diameter. Within this range we produce special diameters and thicknesses that offer our customers the widest spectrum of products. The most commonly used tooth forms are HZ and BW. They are produced and controlled to the GSP manufacturing standards whereby precise sizing and close tolerances are guaranteed. The segmental sawblades are supplied as standard in high speed steel grade M2 = DIN 1.3343, but can also be supplied in cobalt-alloyed steel, such as M35 = DIN 1.3243 and M42 = DIN 1.3247.The segmental sawblades can be delivered in bright, titanium nitride, titanium carbon nitride, titanium aluminium nitride or chrome nitride coated design.

TCT circular slitting saws and cermet tipped saws

The tungsten carbide tipped sawblade (TCT) consists of a CrV steel disc to which carbide tips are brazed. Company GSP produces TCT sawblades in diameters from 150 to 2000 mm in various designs. The TCT sawblades are produced and controlled to the strick GSP manufacturing standards. The delivery program consists of 2 main groups, one range of TCT for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The standard program can be supplied from stock, while special sawblades are produced to customer specifications.

HM carbide tipped circular saw blades for light alloys

HM carbide tipped circular saws suitable for cutting-off pipes, profiles and solids in light alloys (aluminium etc.) The toothing presents a pre-cutter and a finishing tooth, with a positive angle (12?) for solids cutting and a negative angle (16?) for pipes and profiles cutting. Available with a 32 mm central bore and 2/11/63 pinholes. On request we can manufacture the blades with central bores of 25,4 - 30 - 40 and 50 mm.

HM carbide tipped circular saw blades for dry cutting

HM carbide tipped circular saws suitable for dry cutting of metals, plastics, compound materials and wood on portable machines (Bosch, Makita, Hitachi, Jepson, Black&Decker, etc.) Available with different diameters from 110 mm to 350 mm and with a central bore of 20 - 25,4 - 30 and 32 mm according to the machine.

HM carbide tipped circular saw blades for steel cutting

HM carbide tipped circular slitting saws suitable for cutting steel solids or profiles with big wall thickness. The special patented tooth form allows these special blades to drastically reduce the cutting times and improves the surface finishing if used on the right machine. Our range covers different diameters from 250 mm to 315 mm with a central bore of 32 and 4/9/50 pinholes or diameters from 360 to 460 mm with central bore 50 mm and 4/16/80 pinholes. Also available with cermet toothing or TiN coated.

Alpha Cutter - Alpha Shear blades

Alpha cutters   - alpha shear blades are the cut-off knives for cutting profiles and tubes. The cutting effect of alpha cutters is achieved with combination of high pressure and high speed. Burrfree cut of highest precision is achieved and the cut profile is free of deformation. Very short cutting times enable using these alpha cutters shear blades not only in stationary machines, but also in production lines during continuous cutting. In standard modification Alpha Cutters - alpha shear blades are made with PVD coating to prolong their lifetime, decrease friction coefficient and to avoid cool surfacing. These tools aren?t standardized at all, that?s why they are always tailored. For making the offer sending the drawing or sample is enough.

The above-mentioned examples of our products - saws and milling cutters are only a small overview of our production posibilities. We are ready to produce also different tools according to your documentation like prismatic cutters, gear milling cutters, profile cutters, shell end mills cutters, side and face milling cutters, halfcircle milling cutters convex, half circle milling cutters concave, corner rounding milling cutters, single angle milling cutters, double angle milling cutters , HSS Side Chip Clearance slitting Saws straight teeth, M2 Side Chip Clearance Saws staggered tooth, HSS Side and Face Cutters straight teeth, HSS Side and Face Cutters staggered teeth.  Next examples of our products:

  • T.C.T. Circular Saw Blades for Aluminum Section Cutting.
  • H.S.S. Circular Saw Blades for Pipe/Tube Section Cutting.
  • Flying Saws, Friction Saws, Hot slitting Saws.
  • HR & CR Slitting Cutters.
  • Slitting Spacers, Over-arm Spacers & Separators, Fins.
  • Alpha Shear Blades.
  • Cut to length blades, End shearing blades.
  • Horizontal & vertical tube blades & COC blades.
  • Blades for Buss Kneeders
  • Top & Bottom Slitter Knives
  • Fixed & Moving Blades for Hot Melt Granulators.
  • HSS & TCT Circular slitting Saw Blades
  • Industrial Razor Blades
  • PVC Crushing Machine Blades
  • Meat Slicer Knives, Chicken/Fish Cutting Blades
  • Fish/Meat/Carcass Cutting/Splitting Bandsaw Blades.
  • Fish Skinning Knives.
  • Razor Blades for Carpet Cutting etc.
  • Corner Cutters, Industrial Razor Blades.
  • Cutting Blades for the Photographic Industry
  • Cutting Blades for the Plastic Film, Tape Industry.
  • Punching Blades for the Fish Canning Industry
  • Gum, Chocolate, Caramel Cutting Blades
  • Band knives for Leather/PU/Foam/Coir/Rubber Cutting.
  • Leather Cutting Blades
  • Tobacco Cutting Blades
  • Cigarette Cutting Blades, Filter Cutting Knives
  • Hand Saws, Cane Cutting Knives
  • Knives & Blades for Automobile Tyre Industry
  • Bias Cutters, Skier Blades, Trimming Knives
  • Knives for Match Stick Industry.
  • Blades for Computer Stationery Industry
  • Through hardened & ground wear plates & machine slides
  • Leather Cloth coating blades
  • Doctor Blades for all applications.
  • Plates, Side, Edges, Dozer blades, Scraper blades
  • Blades for the Food Processing industry
  • Blades for the Recycling Industry
  • Trimmer knives
  • Binding and Stitching knives.
  • Perforation Knives
  • Sheet Cutter Knives
  • Sitters & Folding Knives

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