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Bodies for CBN grinding wheels, bodies for DIA cutting wheels

Company GSP High Tech Saws produces bodies for CBN and DIA cutting tools . These bodies for CBN and DIA cutting tools made from HSS or CrV steel are grinded with thickness tolerances +/- 0,01 mm.

There are teeth or grooves on the circumference in order to connect the body and the coat properly. The body thickness is narrowed in the teeth. Standard hardness for bodies for CBN and DIA cutting tools is 64 HRC for HSS bodies and 46 HRC for CrV bodies. Saw Bodies for diamond saw blades are made from high quality materials according to the standard FEPA. They are delivered hardened, tempered, straightened and tensioned ready for the welding on of segments.

The tolls are made based on client´s drawings. Following an agreement with the manufacturer is possible to manufacture body of various diameters, dimensions of central hole with the required amount and dimension of grooves, all according to the customer´s wishes. The maximum diameter of saw bodies for the production of diamond blade saws is 1500 mm.

Usage: After the welding on of appropriate segments the bodies for CBN and DIA cutting tools are suitable to be used:

  • in masonry for the cutting of granite, marble, sandstone, etc.
  • in building industry (wall saws) for the cutting of concrete (reinforced concrete)
  • in ground construction for the cutting of asphalt

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