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Carbide and cermet tipped saws for steel cutting

Our company is the exclusive representative of the company Kapmann in SK saw blades for steel. Saw blades are sintered carbides always recommend and adjust according to customer requirements and cutting conditions. We focus on TCT Saw blades for steel, stainless steel, but we also TCT Saw blade for cutting non-ferrous metals and sheet metal. Inserts (SK - cemented carbide, HM - Carbide, TC - tungsten carbide) are produced by sintering technology - sintering tungsten carbide and cobalt (up to 10%, acts as a binder) at high temperature and pressure. Sometimes added as titanium carbide to increase the hardness. The greater percentage of cobalt is, the SK tougher but less wear resistant. Inserts to the tool body soldered by solder consisting of copper and silver.

We offer professional tungsten carbide-tipped saw blades and cermet tipped saws for cutting of steel, non-ferrous metals and iron materials.

Our assortment of saw blades is designated for the cutting of plastics, construction materials (for example wood-cement board, porous concrete mineral fiber boards and so on). We use only top-quality perfectly hardened steel for the renowned GSP circular saw blades. The blades are created utilizing laser cutting technology and sophisticated research for slots and carbide which provide for a longer-lasting and stronger product.

These are the standard products. There are also customized products, created in close collaboration with the customers systems for specific operational conditions, special tolerances and other requirements.

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